Keep Flying

I never imagined that I would have such a passion towards fly. Fly a new type of aircraft, fly a new airline, fly to a new airport and fly to a new continent.

Crossing the Asia, crossing Indian Ocean, crossing Atlantic, when I was in FL380, the world is so small and I’m so close to my dream!

Showing below is a portion of my footpath since year 2005 since when I have systematically recorded all my flights. I’m also trying to recover my flights taken before as much as possible but sadly I may lost most of type or even carrier information. Nevertheless, it is still a spectacular chart for me since year 2005 and I’m always looking forward the day I’m reaching moon!

A more sophisticated flight chart can be seen here thanks to which also provide a list of statistical information as well as a series of  detailed charts based on my home country and region where my home country belongs to:

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  1. 我这算沙发了么

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