A 2-1 win over Chelsea FC with a fantastic 37 seconds opening goal from Javier Hernandez, Manchester United is just within touch of their 19 champions, a massive and terrific achievement corresponding that infamous Liverpool saying “Come back when it’s 18”. Now It’s 19 and we are sitting on your perch!!!


这一个赛季是在一个踉踉跄跄的步伐下开始的,在切尔西的高歌猛进狂刷数据的映衬下实在是显得有些破败,United花费了三个月的时间才占据榜首,而这场7-1战胜Blackburn Rovers的比赛也成为我第一次Old Trafford的Match Day经历。在那之后,第一的位置再没发生过变化。

I’m not particularly worrying the result of Champions League Final to be held at Wembley on 28th May. It’s beyond my concern and I’m already satisfied the result of this season which was started at a low fashion but ended very much beyond my expectation.

Tribute to retiring captain Gary Neville, and veteran Edwin van der Sar, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes. Congratulation to Michael Owen for your first top division champion medal. And at last, Salute to Sir Alex Ferguson and every team player.

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4 Responses to BEL19VE!

  1. 说一不二 says:

    昨天曼联终于创造了历史, 19次夺冠! 赞啊

    今天就看到了west ham郁闷离场… 哎, 怎么也想不到west ham会降级…

    • Flying Snail says:

      Millwall和West Ham下赛季可以让东伦敦的警察叔叔们忙活忙活了…

    • Flying Snail says:


  2. liveme says:


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